Brazil Rejects Call to Force Contact With Its Remote Tribes

The Brazilian government has strongly rejected suggestions by two U.S. anthropologists that the only way to protect the country’s isolated tribes would be to establish contact with them. Brazil’s Department of Indigenous Affairs (FUNAI) released an open letter on Thursday repudiating an article published by Robert Walker and Kim Hills in Science magazine last year,…

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John Smith on Imperialism in the 21st Century

John Smith’s book on imperialism is a groundbreaking work revealing the super-exploitation of the global south. Daphna Whitmore from Redline interviewed him about his book. DW: Firstly I’d like to thank you for writing Imperialism in the twenty-first century. That is a massive subject and your book covers so much interesting material – how long was it […]

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It’s hard to know where to start in tallying up the explosive revelations in the Panama Papers, an analysis of leaked documents from global law firm Mossack Fonseca revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Yes, we’ve known for a while now that the shadow financial system was growing. But it’s another thing…

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A quiet spring weekend was suddenly shattered on Sunday when news of the “Panama Papers” investigation broke. The massive international project involved approximately 400 journalists across 75 countries, plowing through roughly 11.5 million documents from a secretive Panamanian law firm specializing in creating offshore holding companies. The investigation took more than a year, commencing after…

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Long Live the Legacy of Comrade Vemula Rohith Chakravarthy : Statement by New Socialist Initiative (NSI)


Guest Post : Statement by New Socialist Initiative( NSI)
Comrade Rohith, we pay our deepest respects to you. We share your concerns. With you and like you we think that Systemic revolutions and great social transformations should go hand in hand. Rohith we fully agree with you that unless the oppressed are armed with scientific knowledge and rationality, revolution and emancipation remain elusive.
New Socialist Initiative pays its respects to Comrade Rohith Vemula, PhD scholar and student leader of University of Hyderabad. Rohith is not just a name of a scholar today. It has become a battle cry against the saffronisation of Indian education system. Rohith is the name of the relentless struggle against the upper caste domination in the institutions of higher education. Rohith has become a symbol of revolt against the decadence of our civilisation. Yes, Rohith committed suicide, killed himself, but not in desperation, not in…

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